Committee Clash

The epic battle amongst the committees is starting again! Now that the new year has started, all committees will battle from scratch again.  All the committees of Sirius have until February to show they are worthy to have the title: The best committee of Sirius. There will be monthly assignments for committees. By completing assignments your committee gets points. These points will help you to get (parts of) an object. These objects will help you in the endgame, where the committees will have a physical battle. Afterwards, the medals will be announced. The ranking of the committees will be presented every month in the Sirius newsletter. The committees who have a bronze, silver, or gold medal in February will receive a price from the board! Good luck and may the best committee win! 

Points for coming to activities with half of your committee (or more than 5): 
- Educational activities: 5 points
- Social activities: 2 points
- Symposium/ Career Days: 10 points
- GMA: 10 points
‚Äč- Excursions: 8 points

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