Become the next board!

Will you become the 50th board?

During a board year a Sirius you will lead the association together with your fellow board members. Learn a lot during your year, invest in your future by applying your knowledge in writing policy. Next to the formal things you will have a lot of possibilities to meet new people and make new connections.   

Want to ask question or just want to share your thoughts? Join the coffee moments!

  • 3rd of April 10:00
  • 6th of April 10:00

Pros of doing a board year: 

  • Meet a lot of fun people for other associations
  • Build a network which you can use later
  • Learn how to organise activities
  • Play a lot of games and become really good at shithead
  • Get compensated for your tution fee
  • Have a fun year with your board and former board members
  • Enjoy free lunches all over de university
  • Learn how to apply your knowledge in writing policy 

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