De Zorgstrategen

De Zorgstrategen is a connecting link in the healthcare sector. Together with all
stakeholders, we aim to improve the entire healthcare society.

What we do:
As De Zorgstrategen, we offer various services from organisational advice and supervising
quality and certification processes to training and coaching for healthcare professionals,
managers and teams. The core values of commitment, openness, a focus on results and 
team spirit are of paramount importance.

We always look at people and organisations in connection with each other: the strength of organisations lies in the people who work there. We, therefore, believe that happiness at work is the basis for success. Happy employees are
the driving force behind a successful organisation. That is why we focus on advice at organisational level on the one hand, and on the other hand on training at personal and team levels. In this complementarity lies our strength.

De Zorgstrategen distinguishes itself in this area by its focus on improving sustainable relationships with internal and external stakeholders, so that together we can ensure that the organisation is at the leading edge of developments.

Our Projects
We carry out projects at care providers regarding setting up quality and improvement processes, process optimisation, organisational advice, and helping them to comply with laws and regulations and requirements from health insurers and municipalities. Our customer group consists of various healthcare organisations and practices: from home care organisations and nursing homes to dentists, physiotherapy and psychology practices. For them, we are a quality partner, development partner and knowledge partner.

We ourselves, as well as our customers, sometimes encounter questions and challenges within their organisations. These include questions about optimising processes in a rapidly growing healthcare organisation, setting up a new organisational structure, setting up a knowledge center to keep employees up to date with legislation and regulations, or designing the healthcare process. 

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