Tutor Nimbles

Tutor Nimbles 

Do you want to earn extra money in addition to your studies with a meaningful job?

As a tutor, give homework guidance and assistance and help children in the basic and

secondary education further! As a tutor you determine your own hourly rate, your working hours and eventually your own success.

With a profile on Nimbles, you'll reach thousands of students in no time who need your help.

As a tutor, help your children who are behind in school, struggle understanding the

study material, who want to learn how to plan and structure, or just need some extra

need attention.

For questions you can contact a boardmember in the room or by emailing to extern@sirius.utwente.nl

Sign up at https://www.nimbles.com/NL-en/become-tutor and state that you have been referred by 'Studievereniging Sirius'

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