47th Board | 2020-2021

Brian Egberink (2018) Chairman & Commissioner ICT
Marieke Elbers (2018) Secretary, Commissioner Public Relations & Vice-Treasurer
Judith Boer, de (2017) Treasurer
Tessa de Weerd (2017) Commissioner Internal Affairs & Bar Management & Vice-chairman
Nathalie ten Broeke (2018) Commissioner External Affairs & Internationalisation
Marit Buiting (2018) Commissioner Educational Affairs

Brian Egberink - Chairman & Commissioner ICT



My name is Brian Egberink, 20 years old and the current Chairman and Commissioner ICT of Sirius. I am a third year Management, Society & Technology student, but this year I am not studying because of the board year. I am originally from Deurningen, a village near Enschede. Since the summer of 2020 I moved to Enschede, and from now on you will see me in Twekkelerveld! As said, I am the current chairman of this beautiful association.

On a daily basis I am in charge of coordinating all matters that concern our association, and I also attend several UT-wide meetings that are relevant to Sirius. I am also Commissioner ICT, so if you have ICT related questions, you have come to the right place!

Do you have any questions for me personally? Send an email to:

Marieke Elbers - Secretary & Commissioner PR & Vice-Treasurer


Hi everyone!

My name is Marieke Elbers, I am 22 years old and currently I am the Secretary and Commissioner PR of the 47th Sirius Board. Last year I completed my second year of health sciences.

Originally I come from Arnhem, but when I started studying I moved to Enschede. During my first year I became active at Sirius and over the past two years I have been on several committees, including the SKI, the AXie and the ExCie GZW. In my spare time I play volleyball at the student volleyball club and play the piano a lot. I hope to see you (hopefully in real life and not only online) at activities!

For questions to me, you can mail to

Judith de Boer - Treasurer


Hi all,

I am Judith and I am Treasurer of the 47th board of Sirius. I am 20 years old and I am living in Enschede in a cozy student dorm. I studied Health Sciences for 3 years, but now it's time to do something else!  I am excited to concern the finance. Luckily, I have a weakness for money, just like the most of you, so that will be alright! For myself, I like to spend money on shoes, clothes and food. I like to jog, swim and chill with friends. 

I am present in the Sirius room very often. If I can help you or you just want to make a chitchat, you can always come to me. I hope I am going to see you very often in the Sirius room, at drinks, activities and events. See you!

Do you have an question for me? Send an mail to

Tessa de Weerd - Commissioner Internal Affairs & Bar Management & Vice-Chairman


Hi Everyone!

My name is Tessa and this year I am the commissioner Internal Affairs, Vice-chairmen and Bar management of the 47 th board of Sirius. I am 21 years old and moved from Friesland to Enschede three years ago. Before my board year I studied MS&T for three years, including half a year in Sevilla.

I am the commissioner internal affairs which means I am busy with all the committees of the association. Luckily I have some experience with many committees of Sirius including the SPoC, TaPCie and the ExCie MS&T. Together with the committees I will make sure this year will be full of interesting and fun activities for the members!

If you have any questions about one of the committees or do you want to organize an activity? Do not hesitate to contact me :

Nathalie ten Broeke - Commissioner External Affairs & Internationalistion



I am Nathalie ten Broeke and I’m at time of writing 21 years old. I am raised in Eindhoven and I moved to Enschede to study here. I live on campus near the forest, where I love to walk with my flat mates if the weather is nice. In my first year MS&T I became an active member of Sirius by joining the Freshmen Committee. In my second year I organised activities with the AXie and really enjoyed working on the Symposium! 

Now I am Commissioner External Affairs & Internationalisation for the 47th board of Sirius. This means that I am in contact with companies to see if they want to collaborate with Sirius. Through these collaborations students get an idea of all the possibilities they have for their career and students can get in touch with companies when they are looking for a job, internship or thesis assignment. Furthermore, I am working on involving more international students at Sirius. So, if you have any questions related to career, internationalisation, or studying in The Netherlands, I am there to help you out!

Do you have questions for me about external affairs or internationalisation? Send an mail to

Marit Buiting - Commissioner Educational Affairs



I am Marit Buiting, the commissioner of educational affairs within Sirius! I am born in Wehl, however I was eventually raised in the small town called ‘Steenderen’. Currently I live in a very cozy student dorm, where there is always something exciting to do. I am 20 years old and just finished my second year of Health Sciences. When I am not studying I am situated in the city centre of Enschede at the student association Taste or busy with sporting. Also, I like to teach a group of high school students from Pre-u once a week.

Next to that I have enjoyed my time joining committees by Sirius, such as the SKI, the Career, The ExCie GZW and the Axie. I am very enthusiastic about being a board member of Sirius and I hope to do this with many motivation! I hope that we will have a great time this academic year, in which I will put all my effort to organize the educational affairs from GZW and MS&T! Hopefully I will see you soon in the Sirius room!

Do you have any questions for me personally? Send a mail to:

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