46e bestuur van Sirius

Board 19/20

Nienke Pleijzier (2016) Chairman & Commissioner Internationalisation
Tim Schippers (2017) Secretary, Commissioner ICT and Vice-Treasurer
Jorissa van den Dool (2016) Treasurer
Merel Ensink (2017) Commissioner Internal Affairs, Drinking Space & Public Relations
Bram de Rouw (2017) Commissioner External Affairs & Vice-Chairman
Merle Gijsbers (2016) Commissioner Educational Affairs

Sirius is led by full time board members, who are also students of one of the studies of Sirius. The six functions they fulfill are the ones of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Commissioner of Internal Affairs, Commissioner of External Affairs and Commissioner of Educational Affairs.



Hi! My name is Nienke Pleijzier, I am 20 years old and I have studied Gezondheidswetenschappen for three years. I am born in Hengelo, which is near the University and Enschede.

During the Sirius Kick-In camp, we received information about the different committees. During this information market, I decided that I wanted to be an active member of Sirius. At first I only subscribed for one committee, the Freshmen committee. I really enjoyed organising activities with this committee, so I decided to subscribe for a second committee, de Sirius Kick-In committee. I continued working in different committees during my second and third year.

Now I am the Chairman and Commissioner Internationalisation of the 46th board of Sirius. So, next year, I am not going to be an active member in a committee, but I am going to put my time and energy in making Sirius an even better study association.

I am really looking forward to my time as a board member, and I hope to see you in the Sirius room!  



Hey! My name is Tim Schippers, 20 years old, second year Management, Society & Technology student. I grew up in a small city in the province of Drenthe, named Coevorden. Nowadays, I live with three housemates in Enschede. For years, I played football on a level that is not that high, but I always enjoyed it. Football is therefore my favourite hobby.

In my first year I became active at Sirius, at first mainly as committee member of the ExCie EPA (Now ExCie MS&T). In my second year I joined the Symposium Committee and the TaPCie. In the course of time I increasingly turned up at events of Sirius. I have completely found my place at Sirius and certainly did not want to miss my time at the association.

I am Secretary, Commissioner ICT and Vice-Treasurer of the 46th board of Sirius. This means among other things that I will make the minutes of the meetings of the 46th board and that I will be the contact person for email and mail next year. My goal for this year is that I want to be an easily accessible contact person for you and that you will have as much fun and instructive time with Sirius as I did.

I will see you at Sirius!



Hi everyone,

My name is Jorissa van den Dool and I am 21 years old. I obtained my Gezondheidswetenschappen bachelor's degree last July.

Originally, I am from Zevenhuizen (a village near Rotterdam), but in the past 3 years I  spent most time in Enschede. I live on campus, I am a member of the student volleyball association and I am an active member of Sirius for 3 years already. So there is no need to be bored! In the past 3 years I became more and more attached to Sirius by organising and visiting a lot of activities, but mostly by hanging around in the Sirius room with a cup of tea. I am the Treasurer now and I want to put all my time and effort in making the association even better. I will spend a lot of time in the Sirius room so please come by this year to have a cup of tea (or coffee) in the Sirius room. Then we will get to know each other better!



Hey! My name is Merel Ensink, I am 20 years old and I have studied Management, Society & Technology for two years. I am coming from Borne, but I am living in Enschede at this moment.
Directly at the kick-in I decided to be an active member at Sirius. At my first year I started with one committee, but in my second year I decided to increase it to four committees.
This year I will fulfill the function of Commissioner of Internal Affairs with the ancillary functions Commissioner Drinking Space & Public Relations. I am looking forward to work in a lot of committees and organise as many fun activities as possible together with you!

I will see you soon!



Hey! My name is Bram de Rouw and I am 20 years old. I have studied Management, Society & Technology for two years and besides that I am an active member at Sirius in several committees since the beginning of my study. I was born in the beautiful Haaksbergen and lived there until last year. Nowadays I live in Enschede with 5 other students. My hobbies are football, fitness and drinking some beers in the city centre with friends. I have exploited these hobbies at Sirius with Hondester and the Tap and Party committee.

This study year I will be the Commissioner External Affairs, besides that is my sub-function Vice-Chairman. This means that I will preliminary be busy with contacting external organisations. I hope to involve everyone into Sirius, and its activities, with my enthusiasm.

See you in the Sirius Room!



Hi! I am Merle Gijsbers (21 years old) and I would like to introduce myself as the Commissioner Educational Affairs. I grew up nearby Arnhem, in Oosterbeek and later in Doorwerth, together with my parents and my little sister.

After finishing high school, I moved to Enschede to study Gezondheidswetenschappen. In the past three years, I have been active at Sirius in several committees, like the ExCie GZW, the SKI and the AXie. Besides my active role at Sirius, I play hockey at DHC (Drienerlose Hockey Club) and live together with six housemates nearby the centrum of Enschede.

During the Kick-In, I created a group of friends, with whom I studied for three years. This year, I am going to answer all the questions about education and studies related to Sirius. If you have any question (about education), you can ask me!

See you in the Sirius room!

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