The epic battle amongst the committees is starting again! After a very exciting Winter COlympics, the committees get another chance to show they are the best Sirius has got. As of this month, the Summer COlympics has officially begun. All the committees of Sirius have until July to show they are worthy to have the title: The best committee of Sirius. There will be monthly assignments for committees. By completing assignments your committee gets points. The medal table will be presented every month in the Sirius newsletter. The committees who have a bronze, silver, or gold medal in July will receive a price from the board! Good luck and may the best committee win! 

After a very long time, the UT is starting to open up again! As a board, we are very excited and hope to open the Sirius room soon. For this month we have some new assignments for the COlympics. Remember : the winner gets a free BBQ with the board :)

The tasks for May

  • Drink something with a committee member on a terrace (Send photo in your committee group) (4p)

  • Congratulate the Candidate Board on behalf of your committee (1p + points for originality) 

  • Put one idea in the ideabus : (2p)

  • Give a present to the Chairman on his birthday (18th of May) (2p + points for originality)

  • Wednesday the 12th of May at 10:00 you will get a puzzle, the first committees that solve it get points! (1st gets 5 points, 2nd gets 4 points etc.)

The tasks for April 

  • Lunch in a park with another committee member (6 points)
  • Make a meme about your committee (3 points)
  • Make a collage of all kinds of Easter activities (brunch, finding eggs) (6 points)
  • Take a picture with spring flowers (2 points)
  • Do something active with another committee member (1-4 points for originality)
  • Invent a new kind of coffee (picture + recipe) (1-5 points for originality)

** You can still get points from the previous assignments

**Pictures where you do not keep the 1,5 m distance do not get points

Points for coming to activities with half of your committee(or more than 5)  : 
- Educational activities: 5 points
- Social activities: 2 points
- Symposium/ Career Days : 10 points
- GMA: 10 points
- Excursions: 8 point

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