Committee League

Also this year there will be a battle between the committees. Last year this battle was called the Committee Cup, but this year the name will be the Committee League. The winning committee wins a dinner made by the board. 

The challenges for this league can be found on the website and on the powerpoint presentation in the Sirius room. Each month the new challenges will be uploaded and the old once will be erased. 

Next to the challenges, it is also possible to earn points by being present at activities. Here, at least half of the committee needs to be present. For social activities such as drinks two points can be earned. For educational activities three points can be earned. 

The earned points and the possibilities to earn points will be discussed during every meeting. The earned points will be noted by the committee mentor. The winner of the league will be announced two times a year. Once during the hGMA and once during the GMA. After the announcement of the winner for the first semester all committees will start again with zero points.

Have fun and good luck!


Educational activities: 3 points

Social activities: 2 points

Complete days (Symposium/Career Days): 10 points

GMA: 7 points

Excursions: 8 points

September / October

  • Go on a committee trip with more than half of your committee (5 points)
  • Make a committee picture with your whole committee (4 points) 
  • Let a committee member score a 9.0 or higher on an exam (2 points)
  • Help a board member with bringing out the trash on the end of the day (2 points)
  • Make something decorative for the Sirius room or the TechnoBar (3 points)
  • Bring the board breakfast at 8:30am (4 points)
  • Give a massage to the chairman (2 points, unless it is bad)


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