Complaints or problems?

Do you have a complaint about a course, a lecturer or a test? Sirius can help you! In cooperation with the management teams, Sirius guards the quality of the studies Public Administration, Health Sciences, Management, Society & Technology and European Studies. Sirius frequently contacts lecturers and the study management team, so we can easily draw attention to complaints and other questions. So do you have a complaint or other difficulties, do not hesitate and send an email to or come to the Sirius Office.

All your complaints will be treated confidentially and lecturers nor the management team will be informed without your permission.

Procedure complaints

  1. Make an appointment with the lecturer yourself. Often, lecturers are willing to talk with you about the complaint and maybe you can search for a solution yourselves.
  2. Ask Sirius for help. We can present the problem at the management team if you want to and can search for a solution together.
  3. Finally you can make a complaint at the exam committee. Click here for procedures and contacts.

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