Health Sciences

The Health Scientist is an expert in improving the quality, efficiency and safety of healthcare. Using new technologies, the healthcare is optimised.

The program Health Sciences at the University of Twente focuses specifically on the investigation of the effects of technology on healthcare and the optimisation of the results.You will not become a doctor, not a practitioner, but you will try to shape the care for the patient as efficient as possible. This requires a view at the entire process, from diagnosis, treatment untill the release from the healthcare facility. During this investigation, you constantly try to improve the entire process, sometimes by using new technology and sometimes by using a new form of organisation.

The education in Twente focuses mainly on the questions around the care for chronic diseases. This aspect of healthcare needs the biggest part of the healthcare budget of the country. This part will only get bigger and bigger, with the aging society and the associated illnesses.

To cope with the diversity of questions in healthcare, the education combines the biomedical, psychosocial, economical, organisational and social aspects of health, illness and healthcare.

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