Freshmen Beerpong Tournament


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Freshmen Committee
Date and time
Jun 10, 2020 20:30 - 23:00

Freshmen Beerpong Tournament

In Enschede, Sirius is well known for their parties. Freshmen and elderly students have experienced this all year long, until the Corona virus put it to an end. Lucky for us, technology enables us to connect and play games together via the internet! That’s why the Freshmen Committee organises an online beerpong tournament on the 10th of June for every member! Make sure to subscribe, because nothing tastes better than a cold drink shared with your friends.

The beerpong tournament will take place in teams. This are teams of two persons. People that are a team together do not have to be together physically. You both need to subscribe for the tournament. Please let your fellow team member know via a comment


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