Sirius is the study association for Public Administration, Health Sciences, European Studies and Management, Society & Technology in Enschede. Sirius rests on three pillars: Education, Deepening and Fun, and organises all sorts of activities for her members.

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How to add the Sirius Activities agenda?

  1.  Log in with your Gmail. Open your agenda (right upper corner).
  2.  â€˜Add co-workers calendar’ (on the left side of your screen)
  3. Type:
  4. Click on add.
  5. Done!

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Fully Charged

Make sure to be at the Grolsch Veste on the 21st of June! During Fully Charged you will meet the most innovative companies from this region...

Sirius 46th Candidate Board

Sirius 46th Candidate Board

Sirius proudly presents the 46th candidate board! From left to right Merle...