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47th Board | 2020-2021
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16 apr. 2021 12:45 - 18 apr. 2021 23:45

Active Members Weekend

For some activities are limited spots, and for some activities, we ask a contribution fee. (Forest climbing park and Ordered dinner) By subscribing to these events you authorize the treasurer to take €10, €12,50, or €22,50 from your account. The subscriptions for the specific activities open on the 1st of April at 20.00 and can be ordered via the link on the website.

Sign up on the site for the ALW package and the whole weekend activity (surprise) and on Eventbrite for the activities, you'd like to participate in.
Link to subscribe for the activities: For most activities, you have until the 14th of April to sign up! 

**Active members only

On the weekend of 16, 17, and 18 April, we will have our famous Active Members Weekend, however this year in a different way. The weekend will be full of fun activities, with one activity throughout the whole weekend. Sign up on the site in order to receive an AMW package. (Enschede Only)

ALW box
Order your ALW box! The box will contain products like snacks, drinks, and breakfast for one day. You can order alcohol or an alcohol-free box. If you live in Enschede, we will deliver this box on the 16th of April. Otherwise, you can collect your box at one of the board members' houses.

- Mystery box cooking (At home & Online) 

Start the weekend with dinner together. Order your own mystery box and start cooking! It’s a surprise what we are going to eat. You can also order a box for 2 persons at the same address if you want to pair up with another active member! We will be in the discord to eat together!

- Evening activity with minigames (Online)

All kinds of minigames in gather town!

- Forest climbing park (Deurningen)

I hope you are not afraid of heights because the trail is at a height of approx. 5 meters and offers challenge, fun, and adventure. You climb from tree to tree, via beams, planks, nets, and cables. 
Price: €12,50 maximum

- Ordered dinner (Online)

Sign up to have an ordered dinner together. A period in advance, you will get the name of another Sirius member and choose what he or she will have for dinner. You can choose a dinner of around €15,-. that can be delivered by a (local) delivery service. We will order it for that person. In return, another active member will choose what you are going to eat! We will gather in Discord and have dinner together. We will eat around 18.30. In the comments, you can mention your allergies or intolerances and the food you absolutely do not like! We will eat together in the Sirius discord!
Price: €10

- Cocktail workshop (At home & Online)

Make your own cocktail this evening! We’ll provide you with all necessities.

- Laugh-yoga class (Online)

Stretch your muscles, start laughing and join the online morning laugh yoga session!

- Scavenger hunt (Enschede)

Together with one person of your choice, you will gather at a starting point and walk through Enschede. During the activity, you will compete against other teams by doing games and answering questions. 

- Netflix party (Online) 

To end the weekend we will watch a movie together via Netflix Party! (Teleparty)

To join this movie night, you have to download Netflix Party by the following steps:
1. Go to
2. Click on “install Netflix Party”
3. Click on “add to chrome”. Now, you will see “NP” next to the address bar.
4. Click on the link of the movie.
5. Click on “NP”. You are part of the party now!



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