Sirius Merch!


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47th Board | 2020-2021
Datum en tijd
27 mei 2021 14:30 - 14 jun. 2021 14:35

Sirius Merch!

If I order merchandise, I authorise the treasurer to take a maximum of €20,- for a vest, €17,- for a sweater and €2,- for a face mask or bottle from my account.

Order your Sirius vest, sweater or facemask! These items cannot be missed in your walk in closet. You can place your order until the 14th of June. Please be aware that the logo might change in the coming future. 

Very important: the more orders, the cheaper the merchandise will be! The prices below are the maximum prices, but can still drop if enough is ordered. 

The vest: maximum of €20,-
The sweater: maximum of €17-
The face mask: €2,-
Bottle: €2,-

Notebook: Pick up for free in the Sirius Room 


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