Batavierenrace 2021


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22 - 24 apr. 2021
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Batavierenrace 2021

This year’s Batavierenrace will look different from previous years. But Sirius will also participate this year. Are you already a running fanatic? Or do you want to start running? This is your chance! Sirius will participate with a team up to 25 participants. So make sure to sign up quickly! The Batavierenrace will take place on April 22, 23 and 24. You can choose on which day and where you want to run.

Unfortunately we cannot encourage you on the sideline this year. But we did come up with something else to encourage you anyway. The Axie has put together a free running package that allows you to complete the run with ease.

To participate in the batavierenrace you must register on the Sirius website as well as fill in the google form. The link for the google form can be found below. In this google form, you can indicate the desired running distance and whether you want to pick up the running package. If you want a running package, you must register before April 9th. We assume that everyone who is registered after April 9th will participate.

So make sure that after you sign up on the site you also register via the google forms link, even if you don’t want a running package! You will receive an email with more information about the run and how to pick up the running package.


Note: if you have indicated you want a package, but decided to not participate after April 9th, you will be charged for the costs of the package



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