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Career Committee
1 mei 2019 12:45:00
2 mei 2019 19:00:00

Career Days

On the 1st and 2nd of May the annual Career Days of Sirius will take place! Both days will start at 12:45 with a walk in, where you will receive your name badge and where you have the opportunity to talk with company representatives. On 13:15 both days officially begin with the first workshop round.

Per day six companies will give a workshop of 45 minutes about the work field of their companies and about certain skills you will need in your future job. On the 1st of May a professional photographer will be present during the lunch break, where you can get yourself an appropriate picture for your LinkedIn or resume. On the 2nd of May your resume or LinkedIn profile can be checked by Integrand during the lunch break, an organization that knows the ins and outs of a professional resume and Linkedin profile. 

The programme is filled with a great variety of companies, for all the studies Sirius represents. You can sign up for one workshop per workshop round at the Sirius website. You have to sign up for the workshop round first, and then you can select which workshop you would like to join.

Both days will end with a pub lecture and a networking drink in the MBasement, where you will have the opportunity to talk with company representatives who gave the workshops in the afternoon. We hope to meet many of you during the Career Days!

If you would like your resume to be checked, please send your resume to and the Career committee will forward your resume to Integrand. If you send your resume prior to the Career Days, you can expect more detailed feedback by Integrand.


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