China College tour: The Rising Power


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Board 18/19
Datum en tijd
13 feb. 2019 13:45 - 15:30
Waaier 2

China College Tour

The Rising Power

Wednesday, February 13, 13:45-15:30; Waaier W2

Students are invited to attend this special event about China.

  • Guest Speakers and Interactive

Discussions with Students.

  • What do you think about China:
    • Chances or Threats?
  • The two faces of China:
    • Techno-economic genius
    • Command & Control system
  • What does China mean for Europe?
    • Your input counts!
  • Register via:
  • Maximum participants: 80 (location W2)

The Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs organizes, in cooperation with Krijgers & Partners, an interactive college tour through the Netherlands:

‘Two faces of China: techno-economic genius and a command & control system’ Guest speakers (China experts) will give you unique insights about China.

During this meeting ample time is reserved for a dialogue with students!

Two central themes: Economic Innovation and Political Culture.

The outcome of the China College Tour and the on-line Facebook-discussion will be presented by students during a special China day at the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs.




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