Online Quarantaine Bathrobe Drink

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Datum en tijd
27 mrt. 2020 16:00 - 19:00
At Home

Online Quarantaine Bathrobe Drink

Within Sirius, everyone knows the TaPCie as a well organised and ambitious committee. We are here to make your party every month of the year and we won't let anything stop us! As you might have expected, we made sure that even the Coronavirus is not gonna ruin our days and that's why we are happy to announce that an online drinking conference will be held this Friday from 16h - 19h. To stay warm and comfortable at home, we want you to join the conference while wearing a bathrobe. 

A hyperlink wich leads you to our Skype group will be send in this Whatsapp group at friday.

Much love from the TaPCie, stay hydrated!