Project Mystery Card


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15 jan. 2021 09:00 - 17 jan. 2021 09:00

Project Mystery Card

The Sirius board needs its members for their secret mission! Well-educated spies are rare these days…. Luckily MS&T and Health Sciences still educates them! 
The mission is as follows: you are a secret agent and you are on a mission to post a letter (paper version required) to your colleague in the SBI (Sirius Bureau of Investigation). Disclaimer: It is of great importance that your identity remains anonymous (the letter can be intercepted by the enemy). However, your receiver needs to know that it is you, so add a hint in the text of your letter please! It is your duty to react on this secret letter with a wild guess of your colleagues identity. (Don’t forget to add your address to all the letters and use the name: secret agent as personal name for the address) You will also receive a secret letter from another colleague.
In short: write one letter and receive a reaction letter + receive another letter yourself and write a reaction letter.

You can subscribe for this event until Thursday the 14th of January until 12.00. When you subscribe you agree with giving your address. The address can only be reviewed by the board of Sirius and your secret colleague. Friday the 15th you will receive your secret mission from the higher segment of the SBI (read: board)….. Note: the list of subscribers remains anonymous, as we don’t want to see that secret information is spread to the wrong persons…. 

It is of great importance for the mission that you send the letter in the period of January the 15th until January the 22nd. 

Good luck with your mission!

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