Publecture DisGover


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Board 19/20
Datum en tijd
25 sep. 2019 15:45 - 18:00
TechnoBar, TL1301

Publecture DisGover

What is DisGover? 

DisGover is an organization that provides traineeships for young professionals who recently graduated from their master’s degree. The aim of our trainees is to have a positive impact on the Dutch government. And in order to achieve this change we think you need government officials who are very experienced and combine this with the eagerness and broad interests of young professionals. Through this combination we think we can build the government of tomorrow. 

Our publecture will therefore focus on what a traineeship with DisGover entails and what we think young professionals need in order to build the government of tomorrow. We are very excited and we hope to see everyone there!

Interested? Come by at the TechnoBar for the pub lecture of DisGover! 


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