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24 apr. 2018 10:00 - 11:00



Round 1:


René Torenvlied on behalf of the University of Twente: (English)

Due to another urgent matter Mirjam Bult unfortunately had to cancel

Fortunately, René Torenvlied accepted to do the presentation. René is not only programme director, but also a professor of Public Management. He has made a career in Dutch academia which brought him from his undergraduate studies (University of Amsterdam) to a PhD (University of Groningen). René himself has supervised over a dozen PhD students.

René Torenvlied will tell you a personal account of what it takes to pursue a PhD and what that degree brings you inside and outside academia. He will share with you the joy, but also the challenges of a PhD study and a career in academia.

He will illustrate how academic research is performed in a professional context (board membership of international professional organizations, and international journals, such as the Journal of Public Administration research and Theory, the American review of Public Administration, the Asian Journal of Public Affairs); in an international context (conferences, partnership with Münster, collaboration with colleagues in the U.S.A., South Korea, Colombia, China); in an advisory role (project leader on the evaluation of the crisis management organization regarding the MH-17 accident). Summarized his presentation will be about what his PhD brought René in his (personal) life, and how big of an influence a PhD can have on your future.


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