Second Years Activity: Game Night


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Board 20/21
Datum en tijd
14 jan. 2021 20:00 - 22:00

Second Years Activity: Game Night

It has been a while that you have spoken with your study mates on-campus due to COVID-19. Lockdown does not go away anytime soon, so it’s time to be social online and catch up with your friends!

To overcome all the cliché games we have played all over again on those cold nights in your student room, it is time for something different: 3 rounds of games in which the teams will mix up in every round. So, you will speak to almost everyone of the second years… We will play the games: Psych, Scattergories and Cards Against Humanity!

The evening will be in the Discord channel of Sirius:

Thursday the 14th of January this game night will take place. We will start at 20.00 in the general room of the Discord. Afterwards you will be divided in smaller groups. Get yourself a drink and speak to many different people!


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