Sirius Merchandise: Face Mask, Vest and Sweater!


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Board 20/21
15 okt. 2020
25 okt. 2020

Sirius Merchandise: Face Mask, Vest and Sweater!

Order now!

If I order merchandise, I authorise the treasurer to take a maximum of €25 for a vest, €20 for a sweater and €4,70 for a face mask from my account.

Order your Sirius merchandise now! This year there are three options, namely a face mask, vest and sweater! These items cannot be missed in your collection!

Very important: the more orders, the cheaper the merchandise will be! The prices below are the maximum prices, but can still drop if enough is ordered. 

The vest: maximum €25
The sweater: maximum €20
The face mask: maximum €4,70

Order now! You can place your order until Friday October 23rd!


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