Studium Generale: Rethinking security in Europe

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48th Board | 2021-2022
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21 sep. 2021 19:30 - 21:00
Vrijhof - Agora

Rethinking security in Europe


Europe faces a dilemma: militarization or a transition to civil security? Ralf Becker (a German peace activist) believes military-based security won’t bring sustainable security in Europe. Instead he proposes civil security, based on e.g. diplomacy and economic support for the EU’s weaker neighbors. Becker also advocates a security partnership with Russia. Colonel Han Bouwmeester (Associate Professor Military Strategy and Land Warfare, Netherlands Defence Academy) is specialized in Russia’s deception warfare and will debate with Becker about the feasibility of civil security. What would happen if Russia misled us? 

In cooperation with Enschede for Peace, Novel-T SMART and Sirius.

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