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Symposium Committee
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14 mrt. 2018 08:30 - 19:00

On the 14th of March, our annual Symposium will take place. This year’s theme is “borders and boundaries”! Whether it is companies, governments or organisations, everyone works more and more on an international level. This world is getting smaller for all of us, but not without difficulties. This symposium will be dedicated to working together with other cultures and countries. Do you want to learn more about working on an international level? Save the date!

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Op 14 maart vindt ons jaarlijkse symposium plaats. Dit jaar is het thema “borders and boundaries”! Of je nou voor de overheid, een internationaal bedrijf of een organisatie werkt, iedereen werkt steeds meer op een internationale schaal. Onze wereld wordt steeds kleiner, dit brengt problemen met zich mee. Het symposium gaat over samenwerken met andere culturen en landen. Wil je meer leren over internationaal samenwerken? Houd de datum vrij!

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Onno van Veldhuizen 

“By ignoring boundaries we can complete the circle”  Onno van Veldhuizen, mayor of Enschede.

Enschede is located on the edge of the Netherlands but also centrally in a region with more than 3 million inhabitants. That’s why we strengthen ties with our German neighbours in Niedersachsen en NordRhein Westfalen. To create a recognizable economic region in the triangle Netwerkstad Twente, Münster and Osnabrück.




Stefan Michel

The Dutch-German public entity EUREGIO has been dealing with cross-border cooperation for the past 60 years. Many successes have been achieved in the field of Dutch-German cooperation in our border region, yet there are still a number of challenges waiting to be solved. Cross-border commuters, an integrated labour market and crucial infrastructure are some of the topics EUREGIO is working on, pursuing the overall vision of eventually creating a region where the border has lost its negative impact.

Annika Jaansoo 

She is a PhD student at the University of Twente. 
Why there is so little cross-border cooperation in Europe? 
Why do some local governments cooperate and some not? What are the triggers? 
In her presentation, Annika Jaansoo will discuss the challenges of cross-border cooperation based on the findings of her research project.




Coffee Break




Marten van der Wijhe

From Doctors Without Borders. In my presentation I shall specify the goals of MSF, how we try to attain them and will give examples from the field how “Borders and Boundaries” obstruct our humanitarian work

Sabine Siesling

She works for IKNL, this is the quality institute for oncological and palliative research and practice. She will tell about her experiences during a lecture. 



Frans Verburg

He will tell about his experiences when he worked in the army, especially about projects he did in cooperation with other countries, especially about projects in Germany.

Patrick Welman

The current alderman of economy and work, will tell about the German agenda of the council of Enschede during a lecture. What is the reason? Which chances did we or do we let go? What are the themes? (for example employment opportunities) What do we do to make cross-boundaries cooperation in Euregio possible?







Peter Schildkamp

From Grenswerk Enschede, will give a workshop about the practical implementation of the German policy of Enschede

Anke Wind

She is going to give a short lecture about how to develop and use benchmarking for quality improvement of comprehensive cancer care for cancer centers in the European Union.

John Budde and Roy van der Lans

We provide information about the Dutch and German social security in cross-border situations. With the ''Game without boundaries'' we will introduce you to the complexity of the rules in a playful way.


Tom Lamers and Nicky Eppich.

Together they will give a workshop on cross-border work. How can you work together with different parties and be a point of contact for Dutch and German partners? 


She will give a workshop on intercultural communication.

Brigitte van der Zanden

Director of the Foundation euPrevent | EMR.

Cross border cooperation and public health.



Joanne Vinke

What is needed to make an international water project a success story?





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