Symposium 2021


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9 mrt. 2021 09:00:00

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Symposium Committee
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10 mrt. 2021 10:00 - 19:00

Annual Sirius Symposium on Artificial Intelligence: Generation NEXT!

Everywhere around us, technology is getting more and more implemented among our society. Handy features help us to save time while doing everyday tasks and living our everyday life. Who doesn’t like his coffee being made automatically, fifteen minutes after your alarm went off in the morning..? Features such as these sound quite innocent and simple, but before you know, relying on technology could start taking over your life!

Using artificial intelligence, super-smart computer programs can adapt their so-called behaviour to your personal situation. These programs get to know you and teach themselves how to influence you, while you don’t even notice. Is this just great development in science or is it going to get out of human control?

All human generations A until Z has passed, so this is the time for a computer controlling the next generation? You will find out in Generation NEXT!

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