The Werewolves of Sirius


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Freshmen Committee
25 mei 2020

The Werewolves of Sirius

COVID-19 is taking over and the quarantine seems like a never ending story. This is why we are going to create our own exciting story in which fantasies will be coming to life! People can be much more mysterious than you think…

Do you like strategic games and are you ready to let your inner detective come out? Do you want to get deep into conspiracy theories and undercover secrets with our fellow students? This is your chance! We are going to start the live game “Werewolves of Sirius” on the 25th of may. Dive into a world in which nothing is like it seems. Will you become the bloodthirsty werewolf terrorising the Sirius-students in Enschede? Or are you the one who knows how to sneak behind the werewolves at night and figure out their plans? An important notice: there WILL BE NO CITIZENS IN THE GAME, SO EVERYBODY WILL HAVE A SPECIAL POWER! 

Join us and experience the nerve-racking game yourself! The game will last for at least 2 weeks. 

You can sign up at the Sirius site until the 23th of may. After this, the Freshmen Committee wil shuffle the cards and create the most exciting game of the year. Don’t miss out!


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