EPA is celebrating NSE results

The European Public Administration study received amazing ratings from the NSE this year!

During the project BMS on the 10th of October we discussed the grades EPA got, and that event turned out to be a success. After a nice and free diner students could talk about what they think about the NSE grades, and where EPA could score more points. This turned into a 2 hour debate with great feedback and compliments to the EPA study.


EPA scored high in the student satisfaction rating, with a total average of 3.81 on a scale to 5, which is also the highest satisfaction rating EPA scored in the last 5 years. EPA is the strongest improver in ratings for the 2nd time in a row now! The grading of a study is divided in certain categories with subcategories. In total a study will get 78 grades based on certain aspects a study has to offer. EPA scored significantly higher compared to equal studies in the Netherlands on 29 of these 78 points! Only on one point the EPA students graded their study far lower than other studies, the discipline of learning how to think critically.


The University Of Twente rose five places since 2016, advancing from the 12th place to the 7th place of the 13 Dutch universities.


If you want to see the NSE results for yourself, or feel like you have some feedback your study could use to improve itself, visit the Sirius room in RA1324 or send an email to


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