Managers gezocht RoboTeam 2019/2020

Manage your own robot soccer team; join the RoboTeam Twente!

Our soccer-playing robots have brought us around the globe: Japan in 2017 and Canada in 2018. After we return from Australia this summer, we need a new enthusiastic team that will carry our vision further and will bring the robots to the next level! The positions within the team range from being the full-time Team Manager to a part-time student, supporting one of many sub-teams. This means that you can dedicate an entire gap year to the RoboTeam Twente or participate in the work next to your studies. All options aside, working in an internationally competing, dynamic team will grant you the possibility to develop your technical skills in specific but also broaden the spectrum of your professional experience as a whole.


For our management team we are looking for a team manager, finance and logistics manager, communication manager and a technical manager. Interested in any of these positions, or in joining one of our technical teams? Find out more at and apply before the 6th of May!



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