Sirius Request

Sirius Request - 27-06

Last year we wanted to organise Sirius Request. Unfortunately, this could not take place due to Corona. We would have been locked up in the Sirius Room for the entire day. During the day, we would make a radio program, which could be followed via Next to the radio program, the board would perform in some live events, like a cooking show and a cover on ‘All you need is love’, and Jesper Benus would shave his head. On the 27th of June, we will still organise this fantastic event! 

We would love it if you could donate money or start your own action to collect money. The charity we are collecting money for is MIND. MIND fights for a society that invests in mental health and does everything to prevent unnecessary psychological suffering. 

We want to raise more awareness of mental health and lower the barrier to talking about mental health. 

Follow the Sirius Request instagram (@sirius.request.2022) to stay updated! 

You can donate via this link. Thank you in advance!

The 48th board of Sirius


Rise and Shine: radio06:00
Morning Power Yoga08:30
Breaking News09:30
Coffee Gossip10:30
MIND your health11:30
We're all born bald, baby12:30
The speed is unmatchable13:45
Big men, small talk14:30
All you need is love15:30
Sirius Talkshow16:30
Magnificent moment with Tom Veldkamp17:45
The great dinner show18:30
Airplanes in the night sky like shooting stars19:30
Be the change20:00
"Ik hou van Sirius"- Game Show21:00
The big reveal23:48



23th of June

Hey all,
As you know, Sirius Request will take place on Monday 27th of June, with the goal of raising as much money as possible for the MIND foundation. To make sure this will be a real success, we have organised a big auction on Thursday 23rd of June: 'The Sirius Request Auction'.
This will take place from 19:30h and ends at 21:30/22:00h. While enjoying a beverage in the Technobar we can all bid against the most beautiful objects that will be offered that evening. Both teachers and study supervisors, as well as students, will be present. Are you coming too?
Do you have any items that could be auctioned off? Please let us know! See you then!


27th of June, 12:30

Some of you might have heard this but most of you probably haven’t. A couple of weeks ago, Jesper has decided to end his life. He was the Commissioner of External Affairs of Sirius. The news really touched me and other board members. In a couple of weeks, Sirius will organize “Sirius Request” where they will try to raise as much money as possible for charity. Sirius Request used to be Jesper’s initiative to raise money for WWF. He also came up with the idea to go bald for this charity. The new edition of Sirius Request will focus on mental health. With Jesper’s passing, several other board members decided to go bald for Jesper and MIND. If they raise a total of 3000 euros, they will all get a buzz cut. Per 1000 euros higher, one of the board members will go fully bald! The fun part is, that the highest bidder of their association gets the honor and pleasure to shave the specific board member! So please don’t hesitate and place your donation with your friends, or alone, via this link. You can also donate together as a top bidder to increase your changes!

It will take place on the 27th of June, during the break on O&O-square. This way, everyone can watch the board members go bald.

Hope to see you all during the break on the 27th of June!

P.S. There will also be ice cream!


27th of June, 18:30

On June 27th, dispute Plan B organises the biggest pub-hopping activity Enschede has ever seen, in cooperation with Sirius! The proceeds will go to MIND foundation, which is committed to people with mental problems. This event is organised in honor of our fellow dispute member Jesper, who took his own life on April 4. For 20 euros per person, you can already participate! All of the money that will be left over will be donated to the MIND foundation. You will be taped to your teammate and will make a previously unknown route passing various pubs in Enschede, with the goal of being the first team to finish. Sign up by using the QR code on the poster, take home the prize and help others!


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