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27th of June, 13:45-14:15

As most of you know, we are still going to organise Sirius Request on 27 June. But this time it will be for a different cause: MIND. MIND is dedicated to mental health and making it discussable. As a board, we are of course locked in the Sirius room, but there is one exception with which we are allowed to leave the room: shopping trolleys. 
There are two times when we are out of the Sirius room in shopping trolleys: at the shaving of the heads of other board members, and the relay race. 
At 13:45 a shopping trolley relay is scheduled. Each board member sits in his or her shopping trolley. People can then sponsor money on the team they think will win. Each board member has his own team. Of course, the shopping trolleys have to be pushed by people, and that is our appeal to you. Which of you would like to push a board member across the campus in a shopping trolley? You can register for a team, where each board member is a separate team. Depending on the number of registrations we will decide how many stages the relay will have. You can donate via this page
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27th of June, 23:00-23:48

The last activity of the evening is a bingo! You probably know how it goes: we roll some balls with a number on it, you have a card with a number on it, and when the number is called you can mark it off your card. When a certain number is called, you call out bingo and you win a prize! For 1 euro we will give you a fantastic bingo card! But we have given it a twist, because at some numbers we will briefly tell something about the initiatives that have been taken, or stories. This way, we want to emphasize one last time how important it is to talk about mental health before we do the big reveal! Do you want to participate in our bingo? Then sign up via these forms.


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