The epic battle amongst the committees is starting again! This year the committees will battle for the gold medal at the COlympics. As of this month, the Winter COlympics have officially begun. All the committees of Sirius have until February to show they are worthy to have the title: The best committee of Sirius. There will be monthly assignments for committees. By completing assignments your committee gets points. The medal table will be presented every month in the Sirius newsletter and the Sirius room. The committees who have a bronze, silver, or gold medal in February will receive a price from the board! Good luck and may the best committee win! 

The assignments of February
Write a valentine's poem for another committee/board member (5 points)
Let everyone in your committee vote for the new Sirius logo (4 points)
Support the board in a discord moment for the whole 2 hours (1 person) (4 points)
Walk at least 3 km with another person of your committee (5 points)
Participate in the Winter COlympics with your committee (6 points)
Tell your board representative a joke and make her/him laugh (3 points)

Assignments from previous Months :

The assignments for January :

Watch a movie together via netflix party (5 points)
Decorate your committee agenda in the style of your committee (4 points)
Make up a new winter Olympics sport and write about it(the best get the most points) 
Solve a (NRC) crossword puzzle with 2 members of your committee (2 points)
Make a picture at the old market with a Sirius sweater/vest on (6 points)
Call someone and ask if they are a werewolf (3 points)

The assignments for December: 

Make up a Sirius proost (toast), or just one for your committee (4 points) 
Write a sinterklaas poem for a board member (at least 1 page) (5 points)
Empty the dishwasher at the Sirius Room at 8:45h (4 points)
Let your secretary send a Christmas card to another Committee’s secretary (5 points)
Play a game with your entire committee in the Sirius discord (5 points)
Put a Sirius sticker on a weird place in your home and make a picture of it (2 points)
Bring some Christmas decoration for the tree in the Sirius room (5 points)

The assignments for November: 

Make a picture with your entire committee and put it on the committee wall (1,5 m distance or online) (3 points)
Have a warm winterly cup of coffee/tea/chocolate milk date with another committee (at least half of both committees) (online) (4 points)
Make something for the Sirius room that represents your committee (6 points) 
Make a picture with as many Sirius objects as possible (at least 6) (2 points)
Hand in at least two summaries to (5 points)
Have a committee outing with your entire committee (online) (4 points)
Put a good idea in the idea bus, every good idea gets 1 point (1 points)
Make an Instagram post about your committee and send it to the SiSo (picture and text) (3 points)
Say your board representative looks good at the announcements of the meeting (1 points)
Make a logo(flag) for your committee (3 points)

** You can still get points from the previous assignments

**Pictures where you do not keep the 1,5 m distance do not get points

Points for activities  : 

Educational activities : 5 points

Social Activities : 2 points

Symposium/ Career Days : 10 points

GMA : 10 points

Excursions : 8 points

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