Sirius is a study association for the bachelor studies Management, Society & Technology, Public Governance across Borders and Gezondheidswetenschappen and the master studies Public Administration, European Studies and Health Sciences.

Sirius is built up out of three pillars. These are Education, Deepening, and Fun.

Education means that Sirius organises book sales for her members with a discount on ordered books. We are also the first organ you can contact when you have complaints concerning your study. We will try to solve the problems as well as possible and in such a way that everybody is happy afterward. You can also turn to Sirius when it concerns exams and how to study for these. We maintain an exams database, in which there are lots of book resumes and also a lot of old exams.

Under Deepening you can think of activities like debates, political activities, excursions, and the study tour. Activities most worth mentioning are symposiums for all three studies, election debates, a lecture from former Minister-President Dries van Agt about the problematics in the Middle-Eastern theatre, excursions to The Hague, Brussels, Kopenhagen, and Berlin, besides numerous single-day excursions. The aforementioned committees are responsible for the organization of these activities, under the motto by the members for the members.

And last but not least: Fun! For you have to have some fun while being a student, Sirius organises all sorts of social activities. To get to know your peers better Sirius organises a monthly drink in the city center of Enschede and there is also the possibility to grab a beer with your friends in our shared bar: the Technobar. We also organise parties and activities like a trip to the Grolsch brewery, bowling, and the introduction for the studies. We also go out on a weekend once a year with our active members, to thank them for their contribution to the association during the past year.

Concluding, Sirius has something to offer for anyone who wants to have a great time as a student in Enschede. For more information: ask the board, normally they can be found in the Sirius office in the TechMed Centre (TL1300).

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