Public Administration

Are you fascinated by the role government and public organizations play in tackling the grand challenges our society faces today? 

Are you looking for an opportunity to fuse an academic grounding in public policy, governance and management with 21st-century skills and leading-edge expertise in a specific domain, such as healthcare, the environment, or Industry 4.0? If so, this Master in Public Administration (PA) at the University of Twente is the right choice for you.

Fusing public administration with leading cross-disciplinary research in exciting societal domains

This one-year, English-taught Master’s programme offers you the chance to develop outstanding expertise in public administration and to combine that with cross-disciplinary research in a societal domain you are excited about. You can tap into research in which our scientists are among the world’s best, such as Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, Engineering our Digital Society, Technology for Personalized Healthcare, or Regional Policy in the Netherlands (our only Dutch-taught profile). Your ability to fuse the latest science and technology with your public administration research and designs will give you the best preparation you can get for an impacting and meaningful career.

Good governance is successfully taking care of questions that are present in our society. People worry about healthcare, safety on the streets, the quality of life in the city and the rural areas, the quality of the educational system and about the personal welfare and the welfare of others, in Holland but also worldwide. Many parties are involved in the approach of these issues, like governments, but also companies and social institutions.​

When you work in the sector of Public Administration, you work in the management and governance of these organizations. You advise about the approach to certain issues and you will help to think about the best ways that governments, businesses and civilians can cooperate.

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