Prof. Dr. P. B. (Peter) Boorsma


Professor Peter B. Boorsma received his P.h.D. back in 1973 at the VU in Amsterdam. From that time he has been active in Dutch politics as well as research at the VU and in Twente. Professor Boorsma received his honorary membership of Sirius by being actively involved in the initiatives that led to the first study tours of Sirius. One of the key ways that he made these first study tours happen was by co-organizing a congress about organization and financing in healthcare. For this support he received his honorary membership in 1990. Professor Boorsma is furthermore known by a lot of Sirius alumni for being their graduation supervisor. One of the fond memories professor Boorsma has from his role as honorary member is that an old board came to meet him when he was a member of the First Chamber of the Dutch parliament. And after the tour they had a nice Duvel beer in the coffee corner of the First Chamber.

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