About Sirius

Sirius is a vibrant study association that caters to students enrolled in various bachelor and master programs, including Management, Society & Technology, Public Governance across Borders, and Gezondheidswetenschappen. Comprising three fundamental pillars—Education, Deepening, and Fun—Sirius is dedicated to enhancing the overall student experience.

Under the banner of Education, Sirius facilitates book sales with exclusive discounts for its members and serves as the primary point of contact for any study-related inquiries or concerns. Whether you need assistance with exam preparation or have general questions about your coursework, our aim is to resolve issues effectively, ensuring satisfaction among all parties. Additionally, Sirius maintains a comprehensive exams database, featuring summaries contributed by our members.

The Deepening aspect of Sirius encompasses a diverse range of activities, such as career days, excursions, and study tours. Noteworthy events include symposiums for all three studies, election debates, and lectures by prominent figures like former Minister-President Dries van Agt. Adhering to the principle of "by the members, for the members" these activities, along with single- and multi-day excursions to cities like The Hague, Brussels, Copenhagen, and Berlin are organised by committees consisting of our members.

And, of course, there's Fun! To ensure an enjoyable student experience, Sirius organizes a variety of social activities. Monthly drinks in the city centre of Enschede provide an opportunity to connect with peers, and every Thursday from 15:30, you can grab a beer with friends at our shared bar, the Technobar. Our social calendar includes parties, trips to places like the Grolsch brewery, bowling nights, visits to Christmas markets, cooking workshops, and introductory events for new studies. Each year, we express our gratitude to active members with a weekend getaway as a token of appreciation for their contributions to the association.

In conclusion, Sirius offers something for everyone seeking a fulfilling student life in Enschede. For more information, feel free to reach out to the board, usually available in the Sirius Room at the TechMed Centre (TL1300).

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