48th Board | 2021-2022

Gijs Reinout Christiaan van Pijkeren (2018) Chairman & Commissioner Bar Management
Marije Elisabeth Tempelman (2019) Secretary, Commissioner Internal Affairs, Commissioner PR & Vice-Treasurer
Janne-mei ter Haar (2019) Treasurer & Commissioner IT
Jesper Benus (2019) Commissioner External Affairs & Internationalisation
Emma de Weger (2019) Commissioner Educational Affairs & Vice-Chairman

Gijs - Chairman & Commissioner Bar Management



My name is Gijs van Pijkeren and I am the chairman of the 48th board. In the past three years, I have studied the bachelor Management, Society and Technology. I am also very active besides my study, within Sirius I have done many committees and I became a member of the student association DSCC/DJCR ‘Audentis et Virtutis’ and the fraternity Heerengenootschap E.S.G. Boght. In my past year, I was actively involved in the running of the student consultancy office UniPartners Twente, where I fulfilled the role of general manager and account manager. Outside these associations where I developed myself professionally as well as socially I also try to make my way to the tennis courts of T.C. Ludica once a week and do the wrenching and maintenance of my motorcycle. The COVID crisis is hopefully gone next academic year so we can have an awesome lustrum together!

Do you have any questions for me personally? Send an email to:

Marije - Secretary, Commissioner Internal Affairs, Commissioner PR & Vice-Treasurer


Hey everyone!

My name is Marije Tempelman and I am this year's secretary and intern. This means that I will mainly deal with the committees and the activity of the members within the association. In addition, I also handle all promotions because of my ancillary position as commissioner PR. In addition, I make sure that everything is properly on the website and on the agenda, but also that all activities in the Sirius Activities WhatsApp group are sent so that everyone knows that the activity is taking place! I'm really looking forward to next year, I hope you are too!

For general questions, you can mail to:

If you have any questions about one of the committees or do you want to organize an activity? Do not hesitate to contact me:

Janne-mei - Treasurer & Commissioner IT



I am Janne-mei ter Haar, I’m 20 years old and I am the treasurer and commissioner IT. I’m from Dedemsvaart, but in 2018 I moved to Gronau to study. A year later, I found a room in Enschede and I’ve lived in the city center since then. I have been active at Sirius since my first year, in the Freshmen, SnowCie, and the BMS Symposium Committee. In my free time, I play percussion at SHOT and NNJO. I also play the piano sometimes and I like to watch movies and read books. I hope to see you next year in the Sirius room and at activities!

For questions to me, you can mail to

Jesper - Commissioner External Affairs & Internationalistion


Hi everyone, my name is Jesper and this academic year, I will be the commissioner of external affairs of our beautiful association. This means that I will mainly have a lot of contact with different companies that could be interesting for our students. Among other things, I will look into the possibilities of getting sponsorships and interesting thesis cases. Does this sound interesting to you, then consider joining one of the committees I am a mentor of, for instance, the BusinessCie or the Symposium Committee. Also, do not hesitate to come by the Sirius Room to get a cup of coffee and have a chat with me! 

Do you have questions for me about external affairs or internationalisation? Send an email to

Emma - Commissioner Educational Affairs & Vice-Chairman


Hi Hi,

My name is Emma and this year I am the Commissioner Education Affairs and Vice-Chairman. I will be there for you this year for any questions, complaints, and ideas you have about education. If there is a course that is not going well or if there is something you are worried about you can always come to me! If you feel like joining a committee you can find me at the Big Trip and the ExCie MS&T. I find it very nice when you walk into the Sirius room and tell me about your weekend or when you feel the need to tell me about that annoying brother or sister.

You can email me at:

Photos by Jochem Boxem

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