49th Board | 2022-2023

Katja Lindenaar (2020) Chairman, Commissioner External Affairs & ICT
Eline Barneveld (2021) Secretary
Jip Kloppenburg (2021) Treasurer
Meike Stoffels (2021) Vice-Chairman & Commissioner Internal Affairs
Anne van der Kolk (2020) Commissioner Educational Affairs & PR

Katja - Chairman, Commissioner External Affairs & ICT



My name is Katja Lindenaar, I am 20 years old and I am the Chairman, Commissioner of External Affairs and ICT of the 49th board. In the past 2 years I have been studying Management, Society and Technology. I really enjoyed being a part of Sirius for the past 2 years and have done several committees, even though I started studying in the midst of Covid. This year I decided to do a full-time board year at our beautiful association. As the Chairman you can ask me all kinds of questyions and I will do my best to help you out or find the right person to handle your question. For all your career and future related questions you can come to me! I hope to see you in the Sirius room and at activities this year and am always happy to chat with you!

Do you have any general questions for me or career related things? Send an email to:

Meike - Secretary, Vice-Chairman & Commissioner Internal Affairs


Hi hi,  

My name is Meike, I am 23 years old and this year I am the Secretary, Commissioner Internal Affairs and Vice-Chairman of our beautiful association. In 2020 I finished the bachelor pedagogy at the VU Amsterdam, but I decided that I wanted to do something else! Last year I started GZW at the UT and this year I will be doing a pre-master health sciences. I have been active at Sirius since I started studying here, in the TapCie, Galaxie and SKI. As the Secretary, I am handling documents. I am dealing with the activism of members and the committees as the Intern. You can come to me if you are interested in a committee or have a good idea for a new activity or if you just want to have a chat, I am here. I hope to get to know you all and meet you in the Sirius room for a cup of coffee or tea!

If you have any questions about one of the committees or do you want to organize an activity? Do not hesitate to contact me: 

Jip - Treasurer & Commissioner Educational Affairs GZW


Hello there!

My name is Jip and I’m the Treasurer and Commissioner Educational Affairs GZW this year. This means that if you have any questions regarding finances or if you become the treasurer of one of our committees you can come to me with any questions. As the Commissioner Educational Affairs you can come to me with any questions, comments or concerns regarding your program. Hope to see you all in the Sirius room, if you’re there come have a chat with me!

For any questions or comments you can reach me at:

Anne - Commissioner Educational Affairs MS&T & PR


Hey there!

My name is Anne and I am the Commissioner of Educational Affairs for MS&T. Even though I am a Health Sciences student myself, I am there for you when you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding educational matters. Next to this, I handle promotional activities, so no event will go unnoticed! I was born and raised in Enschede and decided to stick around for my studies. When you see me in the Sirius room I always love to have a little chit chat with you so don't be afraid to say hi!

For any questions or issues you can reach me at:

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