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Usually, every student that starts studying one of the studies Gezondheidswetenschappen (HS), Management, Society & Technology (MS&T), Public Administration (PA), Health Sciences (HS) or European Studies (ES) at the University of Twente, become a member of Sirius. As a member you can order your study books with a lot of discounts and join all kinds of activities that Sirius organises, like lectures, excursions, symposia, training, drinks, parties and many more. Also, you can drop by the Sirius office (in Technohal 1300) every weekday between 10.00 and 16.00 for a cup of coffee or tea and of course, lots of fun!


You can become a member by filling in the membership form on this page. Signing the paper means you agree to pay 10 euros a year. If you stop with your study please notify the secretary of Sirius BEFORE September via, otherwise we cannot cancel your membership. Therefore, we would also recommend you to fill in another e-mail address than your student e-mail address, You're unsubscribed if you get a confirmation by the Secretary. If you want to stay alumnus at Sirius you can e-mail the same address to ask to remove only your bank account and add a note that you are alumnus.

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