Do you have a complaint about a course, a lecturer or a test? Sirius can help you! In cooperation with the management teams, Sirius guards the quality of the studies Public Administration, Health Sciences, Management, Society & Technology and European Studies. Sirius frequently contacts lecturers and the study management team, so we can easily draw attention to complaints and other questions. So do you have a complaint or other difficulties, do not hesitate and send an email to education@sirius.utwente.nl or come to the Sirius Office.

All your complaints will be treated confidentially and lecturers nor the management team will be informed without your permission.

Procedure complaints

  1. Make an appointment with the lecturer yourself. Often, lecturers are willing to talk with you about the complaint and maybe you can search for a solution yourselves.
  2. Ask Sirius for help. We can present the problem to the management team if you want to and can search for a solution together.
  3. Finally you can make a complaint to the exam committee. Click here for procedures and contacts.

To make it easy for you, we already made a list of frequently asked questions:

●     When is the final timetable accessible for me?

The following guidelines are used for the academic year 2019-2020:

28th of June 2019: publish the final timetable of the first quartile 2019-2020 My Timetable.

October 2019: publish the final timetable of the second quartile 2019-2020 My Timetable.

20th of December 2019: publish the final timetable of the third quartile 2019-2020 My Timetable.

27th of March 2019: publish the final timetable of the fourth quartile 2019-2020 My Timetable.

●     What do I need to do when I have a question about my book(ordering) or delivery?

When you have any question about your books, your ordering or other book-related questions, the best is to contact the customer service of Studystore: https://www.studystore.nl/c/contact-en-service

●     What is the deadline for professors to check the exam or the assignment?

You can find all the education and examination rules in “the education and examination regulations”.  (OER). Which can be downloaded from:

B-GZW and M-Health Science




Masters PA and ES


You can find the deadline for checking exams and assignments for the bachelor GZW and MS&T below:

Cited from the OER (study b-GZW and b-MS&T): Article 4.6.4 “The exam result of a unit of study, determined in accordance with article 4.1, paragraph 7, will be made known to the student within 10 working days after the end of the education period in which the unity of study is offered. If the exam result is insufficient, and a resit is possible outside the education period in which the unit of study is offered, and the module coordinator has determined that the students meet the terms and conditions to participate in the resit (in accordance with article 4.4, paragraph 4e) this decision will also be made known to the students within 10 working days after the end of the education period in which the unit of study is offered.”

●     How to book a (project) room?

Booking a room is possible via www.rb.utwente.nl. An explanation of this website can be found here: https://www.utwente.nl/nl/onderwijssystemen/onderwijssystemen/roostersystemen/wrb/#hoe-reserveer-ik-een-ruimte

●     How to order books?

1.          Go to https://sirius.itdepartment.nl/

2.          Select first-year student

3.          Click on “go to booklist”

4.          Select the books you want to order (it is indicated which books are compulsory)

5.          Go to the checkout

6.          If you are/become a Sirius member you will get a discount on your books

7.          Fill in all information, where you want the books delivered

8.          Complete the payment

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