All Sirius’ activities are organised by volunteering members. Next to the full-time board members, there are several committees consisting of active members of Sirius who are interested in organising excursions, lectures, drinks, parties, and many more types of activities. Below, all committees of Sirius are described. Do you want to join or get more information about one of the committees? Click this link to fill in the form or send a mail to

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is a committee of the General Assembly of Sirius. The board receives advice from the Advisory Council when the board asks for it or when the Advisory Council thinks it is necessary.


AXie is an abbreviation for Activity Committee. This committee is free to organise several activities for the year. Those activities can be small, like going to a movie sometimes, or big like going to an amusement park for a day. All kinds of activities are possible so this gives the members space for their enthusiasm and creativeness. In previous years, the AXie organised amongst others an escape room 'Escape the Campus', Farmer Golf, a sports tournament, and an online Crazy88. The AXie also organises the Batavierenrace and the Dies, the yearly birthday of Sirius. 

Big Trip

The Big Trip Committee organises the annual big trip abroad. In recent years, the trips went to Warsaw (Poland), Bratislava (Slovakia), and Prague (Czech Republic). The committee is currently thinking of a new location to go to this year. Would you like to find an epic location and arrange both formal and informal activities? Do you like to organise trips? Then this committee is perfect for you!


The Business Committee will organise all sorts of career-related activities. This can vary from lunch lectures to workshops or courses. The form of the activity can be both formal and informal, but the focus will always stay on self-development and professionalisation.

Cash Audit Committee

The Cash Audit Committee is a committee of the General Members Assembly. It checks the finances of Sirius and helps the treasurer where needed.


The Culture Committee celebrates diversity by organising captivating cultural activities. From delightful lunches representing global cuisines to festive celebrations from around the world, we create a vibrant space that fosters cultural appreciation and connection among our members.


This committee organises study-related excursions. For example an excursion to the operating rooms of the MST or a guided tour in a care institution. Besides local excursions, the ExCie GZW also organises the multiple day excursion, by which we visit several companies spread over two days. Overnight, we stay in that city. In this committee, you learn to have formal contact with companies and to organise excursions. Does this suit your preference? Join ExCie GZW!

ExCie MS&T

The Excursion Committee MS&T organises interesting excursions focused on Public Administration, European Studies and Management, Society and Technology students. These activities can vary from visits to local authorities to multiple-day excursions abroad. Given the fact that these studies have a broad character, the committee can decide themselves what kind of authority they want to visit. Some examples are trips to a court, a housing association, a town hall or to the House of Representatives. The committee also organises the annual trip to the European Parliament in Brussels or Strasbourg.


​The Freshmen committee is a committee for freshmen members to become known with activism. The Freshmen committee organises the Family Day. They can also organise several small activities like a Hot Dog eating contest, beer pong, an end-of-the-year barbeque or a pub quiz. In this committee, you get to know your fellow first year's students. 


The GalaXie is the Gala Committee. This year, they will organise the Lustrum Gala. It is planned for the 7th of May, so make sure to save the date. There is already an external location, but the whole design and layout have to be determined yet. Do you think you are the perfect person to help with this, then send an e-mail or fill in the forms and we will look at the possibilities!


The MasterCie is a committee, especially for (pre-)master students. The committee will organise activities that are interesting for other (pre-)master students. This can vary from study-related activities such as lectures or workshops to fun informal activities to expand their networks, such as drinks or dinners. Last year, the MasterCie set up a series of podcasts about writing your thesis.


The Promotion Committee will deal with all promotion-related affairs within Sirius. This can be the making of posters, but also social media. This year, we want to develop a template for social media to make the page look more professional.


The SKI is the Sirius Kick-In Committee. The SKI, which is a half-yearly committee, organises part of the very first day of the Kick-In as well as the introduction camp. During camp fun activities are organised to help the new students get to know each other.


The SPoC is a political committee. The committee’s goal is to organise activities with a political theme. In previous years the committee has organised political debates, debate workshops, lunch lectures by political journalists or by famous politicians, such as Pieter Omzigt, Jeroen Dijsselbloem and Bert Koenders. This year's committee will also organise an activity related to the Municipal Council elections.


The SupportCie plays a crucial role in easing the board's responsibilities by organising various activities that would otherwise fall under the board's purview. Their support ensures seamless execution of the bigger activities organised by the board. These activities are the WelCommitteeDay, Active Members Weekend, and Former Board Members Day.


The Symposium Committee will be organising the annual Sirius Symposium. During this day there will be a focus on a particular theme. Experts in that field will come to the University to give lectures and workshops. This day will be held around March.


The TaPCie is the Tap and Party Committee from Sirius. It is an informal committee which organises parties and that makes sure that the parties go smoothly. For instance, they are getting the decoration for the drinks and they take the bar shifts during the activities in the TechnoBar. This year, they will also search for alternatives to have drinks and parties.


The Well-beingCie is the Well-being Committee from Sirius. This committee will organise activities with a specific focus on well-being. Activities consist of lunch lectures and workshops.

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