Are you smart, entrepreneurial and independent enough?

Consider protecting the safety and privacy of citizens around the world. Or the food requirement for the ever-growing world population. Nedap develops smarter technological applications for the challenges of tomorrow. We contribute to these themes by applying our technologies. And more important: you too could be doing this soon.

To be able to maintain a leading position in the future, we are looking for the smartest candidates in the country. From analysts to commercial talents and designers; real talents can give their career a jump start with us. Does this sound great to you? Register now for the Nedap Masterclass 2020.

Our Culture

The one thing that makes us unique is our diverse mix of people and cultures. We believe in the power of ideas and the energy of individual initiative, personal freedom and autonomy. Our technicians, product developers, sales managers, business developers, marketeers and support staff, they all recognize themselves in the words smart, independent and entrepreneurial. So when you walk into our futuristic building in Groenlo, you will feel it immediately: work is being done in an unique environment of both energy and concentration. Our success is based on creativity, a fundamental understanding of technology and electronics, and intensive collaboration with our customers. We work for clients worldwide and employees regularly fly out to customers and Nedap locations around the world, with our head office in Groenlo as our beating heart.

Your job as Nedap Masterclass 2020

If you participate in the Masterclass, you will experience the no-nonsense culture as we described. We expect you to be smart, independent and entrepreneurial from day one. The Masterclass is not a superficial introduction to a company from the Achterhoek. In three days you will be immersed in the world of technology, adding personal value to the societal challenges of tomorrow. We want to challenge you to help us meet those challenges.

Do you think you are smart, independent and entrepreneurial enough? Sign up now by sending us your CV and motivational letter.

Required experience and skills as Nedap Masterclass 2020

3Master students in the final phase of their study or recently graduated;

  • Taking ownership, resilience and personal leadership as core values. Which means having a strong sense of responsibility and converting your ideas into actions;
  • At Nedap it doesn’t matter what you have accomplished, we care about what you can and want to learn. You will be constantly developing and gaining new insights. We expect you are capable to learn, something that is not for everyone;
  • You speak and understand both Dutch and English;
  • You are interested in technology, strategy, innovation, commercialism or marketing

What is offered to a Masterclasser?
The Masterclass is an annual business course for the smartest, most independent and most enterprising master students in the Netherlands. This year’s Masterclass takes place on the 13th, 14th and 15th of May 2020. After a broad introduction to the company, our people and the markets in which we work, you’re learning capacity will be tested with cases and games. Is that enough to keep up with the top? After all, the best candidates get a chance to win a job at one of the Nedap market groups.


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