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Dear students of the faculty Science & Technology,

Are you curious how other studies within the Faculty are organized? Or do you want to get acquainted with other cases within the faculty or University? The faculty council might be the right place for you! This year there will be new elections for the faculty council (FC) of S&T. The FC is a council consisting of students and employees of the faculty that advice and check the dean and his management team.

Every year a few members leave the FC and their positions become vacant. We are now looking for students who want to develop themselves besides their study or who have interest in affairs on a faculty and university-wide scale. Experience in another council or board comes in handy but is not required.

As a FC member you will have a meeting with the faculty management team every 6 weeks and in between these meetings you will meet 2 times with the FC. This means that in total you will have a meeting every 2 weeks. Your work will be compensated with € 648 per year. To give you an idea of the topics that were recently on our agenda: internationalization of the faculty, establishing the Education and Examination rules and furthermore we look into the annual plan of the faculty and employee affairs. As a student actively participating in the faculty council, you can be of great importance for the education of your own study program. 

Are you interested to be a part of the FC and to take part in the decisions that are made for our faculty? Please take part in the upcoming elections by sending an email no later than April 7, 5:00 pm! at the latest to . For more information, visit our website at

And do not hesitate to come to us with questions.

Kind regards, 

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