STAF Tournament (see schedule in description)

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48th Board | 2021-2022
25 Apr - 8 Jun 2022

STAF Tournament (see schedule in description)

For years, Sirius has been known for its untamable lions on the football pitch. Broadly among campus, there is fear within other associations to face us in a match. This year we need YOU during the annual Study Associations Football Tournament to represent Sirius and claim the title of UT Football Champions!

The tournament will take place between 25-04 and 08-06 and all matches will be played on different days. Men and women can both join!

Further information can be found on the website, or just ask a board member!


The schedule of the Sirius Men team (Poule B) is as follows:

Date Time Teams Location
25-04 18:00h Daedalus x Sirius Farfield
03-05 18:00h Sirius x Arago Bastille Field
11-05 18:00h Alembic x Sirius Farfield
18-05 18:00 Sirius x Archimedes Bastille Field


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